An Design House is a brand specializing in interior design, manufacturing, and retail of furniture products made from reclaimed natural wood, often referred to as reclaimed wood.

In addition to utilizing local wood sources, An Design House also engages in training and employing a local workforce. The production team at An is provided with opportunities for learning, working, and personal development without the need to worry about relocating to larger cities in search of employment. An has established a production workshop in the homeland of the Mekong Delta, allowing the team to stay close to their families and communities.

Apart from a commitment to continuous innovation and skill development in design, the An Design House team takes pride in offering custom-made services. They are confident in designing and manufacturing unique furniture products tailored to the specific requirements of customers, even if it’s just a single item.


The source of wood is sought across the diverse landscapes of Vietnam. From ancient stilt houses weathered by the passage of time, to the sturdy branches of hardwood harvested from lush forests, winding streams, and the expansive, robust fishing boats that venture far into the open sea with seasoned fishermen. All these robust and resilient wood components collectively fall under the category of reclaimed wood.

The shared characteristic of reclaimed wood is its durability. Having undergone natural erosion processes over time, including exposure to 

weather elements, insects, and decay, the core of the wood is what remains and is repurposed for furniture. Consequently, reclaimed wood boasts a significantly higher quality compared to new wood, minimizing the risks of pests, warping, and offering a natural aesthetic with unique textures, grain patterns, and the inherent beauty of weathered surfaces.


For a product to reach completion, it must go through the following stages:

         Stage 1: Product Design;
         Stage 2: Wood Sourcing and Procurement;
Stage 3: Selection of Suitable Wood Panels and Surface Treatment: scraping, nail, removal, etc.;
Stage 4: Termite and Insect Treatment;
Stage 5: Wood Cutting;
Stage 6: Assembly;
Stage 7: Coloring, Surface Finishing;
Stage 8: Packaging, Delivery;
Stage 9: Construction/Installation (if applicable).

All these stages are predominantly handled manually, with minimal intervention from machinery, emphasizing a handmade approach.


Sustainable products -> Sustainable values -> Sustainable impact.

Responsibility for each product created, responsibility to customers, and responsibility to society and the environment.

For us, the established brand is built, preserved, and developed on the foundations of:
         People need to care for nature;
         People should be close, understanding each other;
         People need to take responsibility for creating positive values for society.


An Design House is determined to become a brand specializing in the design, manufacturing, and retail of reclaimed wood furniture across Vietnam and in numerous countries around the world. With this commitment, An Design House will continuously learn, innovate, and improve to deliver a wide range of beautiful, high-value products to customers, employees, and the homeland of Vietnam.

A startup that dreams of creating unique, beautiful furniture using materials that are socially and environmentally responsible.
By locals, for the world. 

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